The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity at RED Theatre Chicago

"...bone-crunching fight sequences. (Major credit also goes to fight director Kyle Encinas for the high-octane bouts.)" - Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

"Chad Deity is a play about wrestling and wrestlers, necessitating rough and tough fight choreography, and Kyle Encinas’ work is some of the best I’ve ever seen." - Lauren Whalen,

"Oh, and there’s some sweet, sweet fight choreography from Kyle Encinas." - Jay Van Ort,

"...vibrant and exciting physical action..." - Jonathan Abarbanel, Windy City Times

"...amazing choreography..." - Terry Boyle, Irish American News

"...some of the best choreographed action scenes I have seen in a long time." - Ryan Moore, the hawk chicago

"...brutal and punishing bouts that make the small theatre space ring with bodies hitting the mat." - Sarah Bowden, Theatre by Numbers

Macbeth at Transcendent Theatre Ensemble

Encinas serves up an athletic, but always believable, finale that includes dagger drops, tumbles and fist blows, ending in Macbeth gutted with an intensity that sends blood flying across one wall of the theater (as well as one lucky—or unlucky?—audience member).  - William Endsley,

August: Osage County at Keegan Theatre

"Without getting too specific, I should note that, like all Letts plays, there are some terrific fights in this, and justice requires that we credit fight choreographer Kyle Encinas." - DC Theatre Scene

Cuchullain at Keegan Theatre

"[Cuchullain] even has a bracing fight scene, which isn’t something you expect from a solo show."  - Chris Klimek, Washington City Paper

Jesus le Momo at Capital Fringe

"With the help of fight choreographer Kyle Encinas, the collaboration created an action-packed experience that never has a quiet moment." - Don Michael Mendoza, DC Metro Theater Arts