Unplugged at Flying V Theatre

"Kyle Encinas is pitch-perfect as the Devil, a truly abusive and manipulative Infernal One, perfectly capable of delivering withering psychological and physical blows to keep folks in line." - Andrew White,

"Hell, guided by the Devil (Kyle Encinas), is full out fire." - Bev Fleisher, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Kyle Encinas is, dare I say, lovable as the ever upbeat Beelzebub." - Victoria Durham, Maryland Theatre Guide

A Frontier as Told by the Frontier at Source Festival

"Kyle Encinas is the stand-out as Barker" - Alan Zilberman, Washington City Paper

Splinters at Source Festival

"As for Encinas, he is astounding. Schwend writes naturalistic dialogue, with plenty of half-completed sentences and interruptions, and sometimes it trips the actors. That is never the case with Encinas, who sounds as though he is making the dialogue up as he goes along." - Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene